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Muze       Anime-10
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
Guild:Fairy Tail
Magic:Music Magic. She can't speak but she can requip any instrument and use it to harm, heal, freeze, compel, and control someone.
Personality:Controlling, fearsome, rude, easily irritated.
History:Muze was left at Fairy Tail as a baby. She has no clue who her parents are or if she even has any. Master Makarov took her in and raised her. She was three when he realized what kind of music she used when she played with her toy xylophone. Even younger when they realized she couldn't talk. She grew up around everyone. She's seen many come and many go, but still gets close to none. Secretly she longs for someone to get through her walls but no one has either tried or succeeded. She does missions alone, her only company a small beagle that follows her around. His name is Nemo.
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